About Us
GSI Interactive was founded in 2003 with the vision of combining the expertise of the world's most talented professionals in e-business, online marketing, usability engineering, search engine optimization and web software development.

Our Team
Ashok Rajani , Founder & CEO
Mr. Rajani draws from 30 years of experience running and managing various manufacturing and trade companies. He comes to GSI from TM Industries where he has been Chief Executive Officer for 25 years. He believes strongly in the role of information technology in the manufacturing business and sees the growing role of e-commerce and online marketing to most efficiently seek out and serve customers.

Ashok is a father of two lovely girls, and has many hobbies including marksmanship and collecting antique motorcycles.

Raj Krishnani, Managing Director
Mr. Krishnani is the creative visionary behind FOUB product design with a usability engineering, design and IT background, Mr. Krishnani has numerous qualification as follows

a) Certificate de Connaissances Generales en Horlogerie. (Diploma in Watch Technology from CPJN Centre de formation Professionnelle du Jura Neuchatelois La Chauxde-Fonds, Switzerland)

b) Competency Certificate in workshop exposure in tooling from Nettur Technical Training Foundation, Bangalore, India. (Recognized by Department of Industrial Relations, Central Office, Canberra, Australia, under the Trademens Rights Regulation Act, 1946)

Hobbies: Raj enjoys Reading, music and wild-life photography

Our Sales Credo

New customer needs EDUCATION
Occasional customer needs PERSUASION
Frequent customer needs INFORMATION

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