Project Portfolio
GSI Interactive is proud to present some our live (public facing) projects. Enterprise applications are available by demonstration -- please use the contact us form.

The TM Playing Card Manufacturing Co.
GSI operates the online presence of one of the world's largest and most reputable manufacturers of playing cards and gambling equipment -- the TM Playing Card Manufacturing Company.

Bombay Harbor

Bombay Harbor is the most comprehensive directory and marketplace for offshore service providers and manufacturers. Our mission is help Businesses in America, Europe, and the world over find reliable and low-cost producers of goods and services primarily in India. Bombay Harbor hopes to push India's participation in global markets even further by mitigating communication, cultural, and commercial barriers.


GSI was instrumental in building a new search service for BitTorrent. BitTorrent has democratized digital distribution for video, audio, software, games and any other large file content. Users were still lacking a way to find this content. BitTorrent's new search destination should solve both a user's need to find .torrents as well as publishers' need to get discovered.

Power of All of Us (Ebay)

GSI was instrumental in building a marketing showcase for Ebay video commercials that highlight the strength of Ebay's online community

EastPeak Advisors
GSI is currently developing a new website for EastPeak Advisors.

Prakash Gaba - A Professional Technical Analyst and a Trader
Prakash Gaba  is a committed Professional Technical Analyst and a Trader. He is a Post Graduate in Management, exposed to the corporate world as a senior manager at a young age in the late seventies.

Jewelry, Gems, and Diamonds
GSI Gems provides customers value, quality, service and selection in online jewelry shopping. With over 20 years of experience, its management team has an unprecedented record and reputation for bringing quality jewelry to market. Now they offer jewelry from all over the world at unprecedented low-prices directly to consumers' doorsteps.

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